Engineering Overview

The Engineering Department at Hallsdale-Powell Utility District implements various programs dealing with the water distribution system. The water distribution system includes all the piping, pumps and water storage tanks. The water distribution system conveys water through piping from the District’s water treatment plant to the District’s customers and to water storage tanks. The water storage tanks store water at strategically located elevated locations throughout the system in order to maintain consistent water pressure and stored water for peak water usage periods.

GPS technicians in the engineering department operate highly accurate GPS survey devices to measure and record the location of the water system and STEP system infrastructure so that accurate maps may be produced and maintained. The GPS technicians take the GPS data they collect and enter it in the District’s ArcGIS system in order to keep the District’s GIS maps accurate and up to date. The staff engineer is using the ArcGIS system to construct a computerized hydraulic model of the water distribution system. The hydraulic model simulates the operation of the water system to determine water pressures, flow rates and water quality parameters. The hydraulic model will be used to evaluate both existing and future scenarios and should prove to be an invaluable planning tool.

The District is a member utility of the Tennessee One-Call (call before you dig) system. The engineering department has a technician that responds to location request tickets and marks the location of affected utility facilities.


Plant & Maintenance Manager
Telephone: (865) 922-7547

Water Plant Superintendent
Telephone: (865) 945-2860

Wastewater Plant Superintendent
Telephone: (865) 938-1166