The Environmental Services Department primary function is oversight of all regulatory compliance (local, state and federal) programs and activities (including environment, health and safety), for all of HPUD’s water and wastewater treatment plants, the water distribution and wastewater collection systems, including compliance with the Capacity Management Operations & Maintenance (CMOM) program. The Department provides technical support and guidance to personnel with Hallsdale-Powell Utility District (HPUD) environmental sustainability programs, such as recycling, infrastructure management and regulatory compliance programs, such as the Cross Connection Program and OSHA safety training.

Under the general supervision of the Environmental Services Department, the Education Outreach Coordinator oversees and helps to facilitate various environmental education and community outreach programs for HPUD such as the Water On Wheels Program, Water Fest, etc. The Department also assists with collection of stream samples for water quality testing in Bull Run Creek and Beaver Creek Watersheds.

The Department serves on various committees such as the Beaver Creek Watershed Technical Committee, Beaver Creek Watershed Education Committee, Bull Run Watershed Association, and the Lower Clinch Watershed Council, Halls Outdoor Classroom Committee, Union County LEPC, etc.


Director of Environmental Services
Telephone: (865) 922-7547

Environmental / Education Coordinator
Telephone: (865) 922-7547