Leak Detection

Metered / Legal Fire Hydrant Connection

There is a meter and a backflow device between the hose and the fire hydrant.

HPUD makes every attempt to assure that all the water produced is metered and sold. If you suspect someone is using water that is not metered, please call HPUD immediately. We will send someone to investigate and disconnect and secure the violation. HPUD discourages anyone from obtaining water from the distribution system by any unauthorized means.

Water Leaks

There are estimates that nationwide only 30% of all underground leaks ever come to the surface. By finding and repairing leaks, HPUD can effectively reduce the level of unaccounted for water (UAW) throughout the distribution system. There are many different areas where leaks can occur such as service lines, valves, fire hydrants and main lines. Large leaks do not necessarily contribute to a greater volume of lost water, particularly if water reaches the surface. Usually leaks that surface are quickly isolated and repaired. Undetected leaks can lead to large quantities of lost water since these leaks may exist for long periods of time.



HPUD has a leak detection department that is trained in the principles and procedures of leak detection. HPUD implements a systematic approach to water leak detection.

Note: HPUD performs leak detection services only on distribution mains and services that belong to HPUD.

Leak detection in your home

  • Check toilets
    NOTE: put food coloring or dye in the tank and do not use the toilet for several hours. If the color appears in the bowl, then the flush valve is leaking
  • Look for dripping faucets and hose connections
  • Look underneath your house for any water leaks
  • Check the yard (meter to house) for any wet areas or soft spots
  • Check the settings on your irrigation system


Leak Crew Manager
Telephone: (865) 922-7547