Meter Reading

Automated Meter Reading System

Hallsdale-Powell Utility District (HPUD) reads most of the water meters each month using an automated meter reading (AMR) system. The system uses wireless radio transmitters to send a signal to a laptop computer located inside of our vehicle. Our employees drive systematically through each neighborhood allowing the laptop to communicate with each of the transmitters. After all of the readings have been gathered, the data is downloaded from the laptop and uploaded to our billing system for processing. The system provides alerts that notify us if the meter has:

  • Been running for 24 hours continuously
  • Been tampered with or damaged
  • Reverse Flow

Frequently Asked Questions

AMR reduces the need for meter readers to manually gather meter readings each month. Many utilities are taking advantage of AMR as a way to improve customer service, promote employee safety and control meter reading costs. Benefits include:

  • Improved customer service
  • Minimizing the need to access customer property
  • Reducing customer complaints
  • Reducing the need for customers to read their own meters due to meter access issues
  • Improved billing accuracy
  • Improve the ability to identify and notify customers concerning leaks
  • Employee safety is increased by not having as many vehicles on the road, employees not having to climb fences, avoiding electric fences and fenced in areas with dogs.
  • Reduce fuel consumption, reduce and redirect utility resources

Kindly keep the area around your water meter clear

Keep in mind, when planting trees or shrubs, that the root system can become entangled around the underground pipes. This can increase the possibility of pipes breaking which can result in costly water leaks that could go undetected for sometime. Your water meter should be kept clear of shrubbery, trees and low growing bushes. If applicable, please:

  • Trim brush, trees and grass that may block the way or that cover the meter.
  • Locate fenced animals or pets in areas away from the water meter.
  • Do not block or cover the meter with cars, trucks, trailers, garbage cans, recycling bins, fences, landscaping materials or gravel.

If you have constructed any type of structure, including a fence, within our easement, please provide an access gate or ladder or relocate the obstruction accordingly. Please be courteous to your meter reader and mindful of their safety. Meter readers are regularly chased or bitten by dogs, forced to crawl into awkward places and climb over and under obstacles just to read your meter. They just want to do their job safely and effectively and return home to their families.


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