Rainy Weather is Bad News for Leaky Pipes

Rainy weather is good news for rivers and lakes which supply our drinking water, but bad news for a leaky sewer system. Many of the older homes in our area were built several decades ago and still have their original private sewer laterals. A private sewer lateral is the pipe that connects the plumbing in a home to the main line located in the street. Over time, many of these pipelines have cracked, become disjointed, or displaced by roots.

During heavy rainstorms, too much water can enter the sewer system through these cracked pipes and sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs) may occur. Excess water can also enter the sewer system through openings such as sump pumps, broken cleanest, and gutter drains. By having your private sewer laterals and other structures inspected, tested, and repaired, you can help protect our water quality and the environment. Please do your part to ensure your home is not contributing to the problem.

What can you do to help?

  • Do not pour any fats, oil, or grease down the drain
  • Repair or replace any defective sewer pipes to stop leaks
  • Repair or replace any broken clean out caps
  • Disconnect any sump pumps, downspouts, or gutter drains from the sewer system
  • Report any damaged or missing manholes
  • Report SSOs or sewer backups
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