Curriculum Support

As a partner in Education, Hallsdale-Powell Utility District would like to offer our support by coming to your classroom at no cost. We offer a water filter lesson and Learning Tubs.

NOTE: For more information, contact Judy McMahan at (865) 922-7547.
Water On Wheels 2009
Learning Tubs

Learning Tubs contain all the materials you will need to implement a lesson that will engage your students while they master the curriculum.

Water Cycle Learning Tub

3rd Grade-3.ESS2.1
Explain the cycle of water on Earth.

Weathering Tub

4th Grade-4.ESS1
Generate and support a claim with evidence that, over long periods of time, erosion (weathering and transportation) and deposition have changed landscapes and created new landforms.

Scarcity Learning Tub

5th Grade-5.61
Identify the reasons for the growth of suburbs, home ownership, mass media, Interstate Highway System and a consumer society after the war (The effects of population growth on water’s infrastructure).