Leak Adjustment Protection

Leaky Pipes Can Be Costly!

Hallsdale-Powell Utility District’s Leak Protection Program is supported by ServLine. With automatic enrollment, you will be protected from having to pay a high water bill and avoid interruptions to service.

This program is financially backed by an insurance policy procured as part of the ServLine program and is offered to all residential and small business customers to protect them from high water bills due to qualifying leaks on the customer’s side of the meter. The program allows for one adjustment per year up to $2,500 over a maximum of 3 billing cycles upon proof of the qualifying leak.

  • Residential $1.56 per month
  • Residential Master- Metered Multi-Habitational (per unit) $2.50 per month
  • Commercial Single Occupancy $1.56 per month
  • Commercial Double Occupancy $3.12 per month
*Customers may decline the program at any time by calling (865)914-8230. However, customers who decline the program will accept full responsibility for 100% of excess water charges caused by a water leak.
*Customers are responsible for their water service, sewer/septic, or plumbing lines on their side of the meter. If a breakdown to any of these line occurs, it is the homeowner's responsibility to arrange and pay for repairs.

SERVLINE by HomeServe

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