Water & Sewer Rates

Each customer shall pay monthly in accordance with the following rates, which are generally based on the amount of water sold as determined by meter measurement. Download the residential rates as a PDF file.

Domestic and Commercial Water Rates
Base Charge0 Gallons$10.52 Base Rate
All Over0 Gallons$10.00 Per Thousand Gallons
(Sales tax is added to all water charges)
Domestic Sewer Rates
Base Charge0 Gallons$14.44 Base Rate
Next12,000 Gallons$13.58 Per Thousand Gallons
All Over12,000 GallonsNo Charge over 12,000 Gallons
*Grinder Pump (if applicable)12,000 Gallons$8.83 Per Month
Commercial Sewer Rates
Base Charge0 Gallons$14.44 Base Rate
All Over0 Gallons$13.58 Per Thousand Gallons
*Grinder Pump (if applicable)0 Gallons$8.83 Per Month
Sunset Bay Sewer Rates
Vacant Lot Minimum Bill$9.00 Base Rate
Base Charge0 Gallons$14.44 Base Rate
All Over0 Gallons$13.58 Per Thousand Gallons
*Sewer Grinder Pump Service/Maintenance Fees
Service Maintenance Fee$8.83 Per Month
(This fee applies only for E-One Grinder Pump Model Numbers)
Sewer Availability Charge
A monthly sewer availability charge equal to the sewer base charge will be assessed to the owner of any house, building, and/or structure of any kind that is not connected to the District’s sewer system when the District’s sewer system is available to the property as provided by the District’s rules and regulations.
Surcharge for Excess Concentration
Grease, fats, oils, etc., in excess of 50 mg/l at $4.00 per hundred pounds; BOD in excess of 240 mg/l at $6.00 per hundred pounds; Suspended Solids in excess of 300 mg/l at $5.50 per hundred pounds; Ammonia in excess of 30 mg/l at $4.00 per hundred pounds.

The Board of Commissioners for the Hallsdale-Powell Utility District sets the rates, fees and charges for the services provided by the utility district to ensure that the utility system is self-supporting. These rates, fees and charges are set so as to produce revenues at least sufficient to (i) provide for all expenses of operation and maintenance of the utility district, including establishing necessary reserves, and (ii) pay when due all the utility district's debt obligations, including related interest and debt service reserve obligations.
Approved by Board of Commissioners March 18, 2024. Effective April 1, 2024.