Awards & Recognition

Hallsdale-Powell Utility District Awards

Hallsdale‐Powell Utility District is committed to providing quality water and wastewater services and we are proud of the recognition our facilities and employees have received throughout the years.

2022 Award of Excellence

KY/TN AWWA Honors and Awards for outstanding performance achieved in Water Treatment and Water Distribution.

Committed To Excellence

Currently, the District is supported by 106 well-qualified, trained and committed employees. The staff of Hallsdale-Powell Utility District are committed to working safely, efficiently and diligently in their efforts to deliver clean drinking water, properly dispose of our communities’ wastewater and provide unmatched service excellence.

National Association of Clean Water Awards

The Peak Performance Award from the National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA) recognizes facilities for excellence in permit compliance.

Beaver Creek Wastewater Treatment PlantRaccoon Valley Wastewater Treatment Plant
2022Silver Award2022Silver Award
2021Silver Award2021Silver Award
2020Silver Award2020Gold Award
2019Silver Award2019Silver Award
2018Silver Award2018Platinum Award
2017Gold Award2017Gold Award
2016Silver Award2016Gold Award
2015Gold Award2015Gold Award
2014Silver Award2014Gold Award
2013Silver Award2013Silver Award
2012Silver Award2012Platinum Award
2011Platinum Award2011Platinum Award
2010Gold Award2010Gold Award
2009Gold Award2009Gold Award
2008Gold Award2008Gold Award
2007Gold Award2007Gold Award
2006Silver Award
Silver Awards - No more than five violations in a calendar year
Gold Awards - No violations in a calendar year
Platinum Awards - No violations over a consecutive five-year period

Kentucky‐Tennessee Water Environment Association Awards

The Operational Excellence Award from the Kentucky‐Tennessee Water Environment Association (KY/TN WEA) recognizes facilities with no more than one violation in a calendar year.

Beaver Creek Wastewater Treatment PlantRaccoon Valley Wastewater Treatment Plant

Employee Awards

Hembree, Jim Award (2)

2021 TAUD Wastewater Operator of the Year  – Jim Hembree

This award is given by the Tennessee Association of Utility Districts to an Operator who possess a high level of knowledge and skill in the area of wastewater treatment and whose contribution is instrumental to their utility.

Joe Synder

2020 Tennessee Operator Meritorious Service Award – Joe Snyder

This award is given by the KY/TN WEA to an Operator with success in management of plant and/or distribution system performance as well as technical knowledge, regulatory compliance, and Section participation.

Randy Byrge

2019 Tennessee’s Golden Manhole Award – Randy Byrge

This award is given by the Clean Water Professionals to recognize individuals who have dedicated their careers to the wastewater collection field and have made outstanding contributions in the area of wastewater collection systems.

2013 Orchid Award

This award is presented by Keep Knoxville Beautiful to celebrate projects that promote a cleaner, greener, and more beautiful community.